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Resolution No. 12</div></div>

Resolution Number 12
Organ The Council
Date 21st January 2010
Proposed by SUNP
For 4
Abstention 0
Against 0
Subject Activity
Result Adopted

The Question of ActivityEdit

The Council:

Acknowledging the primary reason of existence of the Organisation of Active Micronations being to ensure activity amongst its members

Noting the growing popularity of the Organisation and the rapid increase of member nations

1. Decides to ensure member nations are active

2. Establishes the Organisation of Active Micronations Activity Testing Committee (henceforth OAMATC) under the following functions and commissions:

a) The OAMATC has to ensure fortnightly activity of each micronation. Each micronation (i.e. its representative) is required to be available at least every two weeks. The OAMATC is entitled to send emails requesting a notice of activity to any member nations.
b) The OAMATC is to keep record of the activity of each micronation. Should a micronation not have given a notice of activity within two fortnights (i.e. a month, or four weeks), the nation may be expelled for inactivity.
c) The OAMATC is to keep track of the forum activity of each micronation. Each micronation is required to at least propose or comment on one resolution each month. Failure to do this will result in expulsion.
d) Each member nation may leave a note of inactivity to the OAMATC, if this inactivity lasts longer than a fortnight. The inactivity may last no longer than three months.
e) The OAMATC is answerable to the Council.