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Resolution No. n/a</div></div>

Organ The Council
Date 7th March 2010
Proposed by A1
For 2
Abstention 2
Against 8
Subject Suspend SUNP
Result Rejected

Motion to Suspend SUNPEdit

The Council;

Noting the insulting, racist and threatening messages posted by Mark Dresner of the SUNP

Noting the Secretary-General's efforts to contain such messages

Acknowledging that further and decisive action is necessary to prevent further, similar messages

Ensuring that similar occurrences are not repeated in the future

Noting the damage to the OAM's credibility and reputation should this resolution not be adopted;

1. Suspends the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia from the OAM for a period of two (2) weeks

2. Calls on all member nations to use diplomatic language when communicating in micronationalism

3. Warns that any similar action will be dealt with in a similar manner