6th of December, 2009 - Speech by H.R.H King Marka I Edit

People of Nemkhavia,

As we approach the end of the year, we stand back and reflect on all that has happened in the past few months. We as a people gathered together in the summer and struck for our nationhood. We have become a united people within our nation, no longer a nomadic tribe without a home.

We have made many friends in the micronational world, who have been there for us since Nemkhavia came into existance. Among the most prominent has been the Slinky Parliamentary Monarchy. Kyng Fyrst will always remain our brother, our friend.

I speak to you today regarding one of the nations of the micronational world, which up until recently was a close dear friend of this nation. You know that I speak of Erusia. Throughout or time, Erusia had served as a bastion of friendship. Unforunately, in recent times, the leaders of Erusia chose to cut off contact with us. It is obvious that this was done because of your decision to return the Monarchy to Nemkhavia. Erusia saw this as a departure from socialist ways, and closed off contact.

This is an unfortunate development; we never sought an end to relations with Erusia, in fact we annouced our change in an official message to them.

We have changed our Government, but we are the same people we were before the change. We are still Nemkhavs, we are still a people who care about our friends and our brothers. The decision was made by you, the people, and I will lead as you would have me lead.

We have decided to keep an offer of relations open to Erusia, indefinitely. However the Government of Erusia wishes to see us, we will not close our friendship to them. If they wish to resume diplomatic ties, we will be waiting with an outstretched hand.
We live in a world where brotherhood is a fading ideal. We Nemkhavs are determined to keep brotherhood alive, and we will do everything in our power to encourage it in the wider world, macronational and micronational alike.