On this day, the 14th October 2010 AD, The City Council of Mos Engadine is called upon to vote on the following.

Section One

1. The removal of the position of ‘City Elder’ from the City Council of Mos Engadine.

2. The creation of the position of ‘Senator’ to replace the ‘City Elder’ role.

3. The creation of the position of ‘Chancellor’.

4. The creation of the Mos Engadine Senate as a local representative branch of the Government.

5. The creation of the five seats of the senate, four for Senators and one for a chancellor.

Section Two

1. Decides that the Senate shall be elected every THREE months with elections in January, April, July and October. Any emergency elections and bye elections to not count to this regulation.

2. Decides that the five Senate seats will be elected as follows; two for Elder delegates elected by the whole nation, and three regional ones elected by the appropriate citizens. Senators will be given to the Western Suburbs, Town Square and the Countryside.

3. Decides that the Senate will have authority over local matters and will assist the Mayor and City Council in their duties offering advice on citizens matters and matters affecting their elected regions.

4. Decides that ONE Chancellor shall be appointed by the Senate from its numbers to lead the Senate and acts as a deputy to the Mayor.

Section Three

1. Former ‘City Elders’ shall receive a payment of 20, 000 credits to cover the loss of wages.

3. Senators shall hold the title ‘The Honourable Senator ------ of ------‘.

4. Chancellors shall hold the title ‘His/Her Excellency The Right Honourable Chancellor ----- of Mos Engadine.’

5. Former Senators, Chancellors and City Elders shall all be referred to as ‘The Most Honourable ----‘


Yay: 5

Nay: 0

Motion passes.

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