Kelkaj ministroj vizitis la Lafayette-an provincon hodiaǔ. Ni vidis MULTAJN ruberojn en la akvo. Do, ni volas peti Vin. Se vi vidus ruberon en la akvo (aǔ ĉie), bonvolu forĵeti ĝin! Ni volas Lafayette-an provincon beli. Dankegon!

Translation: Some ministers visited the Lafayette Province today. We saw MANY trash-pieces in the water. So, we want to request of you (all)—if you see trash-pieces in the water (or anywhere), please throw them away! We want to keep the Lafayette province beautiful. Thank you very much!

-Trip Rallior, Founder and Prime Minister of Mondero, 28 Jun 2010.
[revenu al ministrara biblioteko / go back to the government library]

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