Empire of Austenasia

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Austenasia consists of three land claims: Wrythe (its capital), Zephyria, and Glencrannog. [1]

  • 'Wrythe - The geographic coordinates (51°22'53.2"N, 0°10'18.5"W) are provided on an Austenasian general information page for Wrythe. [2] These coordinates point to a residence in Sutton, [3] where the Wrythe Public Park is visible, matching an Austenasian photograh. [4] The Street View for this residence, from Green Wrythe Lane, [5] matches an Austenasian photograph of the Imperial Residence on their official website. [6]
  • Zephyria - No specific geographic location has been found for Zephyria.
  • Glencrannog - No specific geographic location has been found for Glencrannog.

1 out of 3 land claims have available locations.

1.67 out of 5 G-points.

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References Edit

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