Coat of Arms

Melandic Coat of Arms

The Declaration of Independence of the Melandic Republic


We the people of the Melandic Republic declare independence from the Republic of Ireland, as we feel the Irish have not done enough to protect this valuable asset while under their control. We vow to be a neutral, fully-democratic and welcomingly trustworthy nation, and we also vow to welcome all foreign visitors to our nation, and to assist them in every way we can. We will not be hostile or conflict with other nations. However, we vow to take every possible measure to protect our natural resources, borders, citizens and assets. We, in return, would ask the international community and all other countries, colonies and nations to assist us in our early days and to recognise us as an independent nation separate from the Republic of Ireland. We welcome anyone who wishes to become a citizen as of today, and today onwards. On this final note, we would like to remind you of our motto: “Quid Non?”, which is the Latin for “why not”.

Thank you so much for reading,


Shane Cahill, Transitional President of the Melandic Republic

(P.S. I have set out to put forward an election date, proof that the republic shall not fail on its democratic commitment)

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