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  • The only true conglomerate of righteousness in politics is communism, authoritarianism, passion and discipline. Without communism, a country is doomed, we saw this with the old Empire. Without authoritarianism, a country is doomed, we saw this with the SUNP. Without passion and discipline, a country is doomed as well, and, ladies and gentlemen, this is exactly what will happen to every single imperialist or anarchist micronation! - Internal Speech on Foreign Relations
  • Here we have the perfect example, ladies and gentlemen: A communist state. Nice and old school authoritarian. And they're disciplined, having proven that the last time they defended their country. They're a passionate bunch, and, what's most, their whole-heartedly leftist. The nation I'm talking about is Erusia. No, wait, it's Murrayfield. No, wait, it's us. I'm wrong again. It's all three of them. These countries will never cease to exist, I tell you, and if the world altogether ceases to exist. - Internal Speech on Foreign Relations.