Lion's Roar Weekly

September 27th 2010

Domestic News

Dynan Island, Ashoka A order know as the Imperial Knights of Dharmapala was founded on September 20th 2010 by F. Andersson, the current Tribune of Foreign Affairs and High Elder of the Order. It is a semi-militant Buddhist order and their main purpose is to defend the Exilarchy of Ashoka and its leaders against both internal and external threats as well as protect the ideas and philosophies of the Dharma. Soon after its founding the order was criticized by the People's Democratic Republic of Sandus, a fellow Buddhist nation, in a open article claiming the the order was chaotic and aggressive. Tribune Andersson contacted the ruler of Sandus demanding a apology and the removal of the article. This was soon done. "We can not allow the reputation of our order, and thereby our nation, to be twisted like this," explains Tribune Andersson to the Lion's Roar Weekly.

Dynan Island, Ashoka Jimmy McInerney and Jason Swank of the podcast the Forcecast are knighted by Emperor Carl F. Maurya, given the title Knights of the People. Thereby they are the first to be knighted by the empire.

International News

Kathmandu, Nepal Around 100 representatives of Buddhist organisations from South Asian countries, including India, will take part in an international conference on Buddhism here. The eight-day "South Asia International Buddhists Youth Exchange-2010" started today with the main slogan "Buddhist Education, Environment and Entertainment". The event is being organised the country at the initiative of executive committee of the Young Mens Buddhist Association Nepal. The programmes also offers an optional tour to Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Beside India and Nepal, other participating countries are : Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and New Zealand.

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