Agnian Law and OrderEdit

The micronation of Agni practices laws that protect not only the government, but as well as the people from unorderly conduct and forms of violence that may seem unnecessary. Laws require the presence of Congress, and both the Prime Minister and President. 

  1. No physical or verbal attacks within the borders and colonies of Agni.
  2. All laws in congress must be passed by 2/3 majority.
  3. The only people who hold the right to vote are those who, hold political or government titles.
  4. Congress can be only be initiated with the presence of both the Prime Minister and President.
  5. No public protests.
  6. Head of military, state, and government is the Prime Minister, and the President is the head of foreign affairs.
  7. No state may pass a law that conflicts with federal law.
  8. Federal military has the right to move troops across state borders without consent of states.
  9. Congress has the right to raise the military.
  10. States shall not be permitted to maintain a standing army.
  11. No state shall declare war on foreign or other state governments, unless said state has been attacked by a foreign or domestic power. In which case, the entire union shall be in a state of war, with said foreign power or domestic power.
  12. No state shall secede from this union.
  13. Strict open door policies shall not be changed or altered by any individual or state.
  14. No state shall enter a treaty, alliance, or confederation.
  15. Both the President & Prime Minister shall hold office for life or until resignation. If resignation occurs, said official must choose their successor. If either or both dies, then anyone in congress has the right to seize the role of Prime Minister or President. This can be contested with a congressional veto, which 2/3 majority.
  16. State courts, have judiciary power of recognising the constitutional merit. These laws must not conflict with ruling made by the federal court or supreme court.
  17. Trial is by judge.
  18. Federal courts are under the jurisdiction of the governors as the preceding judge.
  19. The Supreme Court is under the jurisdiction who precede as the head judges.
  20. The Prime Minister can only reserve and use executive orders in accordance of the law, only to enforce and protect it.

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