The Republic of Kozuc here by states the end to the TRF.

Section 1Edit


Article 1Edit

The TRF will here by be defunct

Article 2Edit

The TRF will never again atack the Republic of Kozuc

Article 3Edit

The TRF is here by no longer the enemy of the Republic of Kozuc

Article 4Edit

The TRF will not join a micronation formed to destroy or instigate war with the Republic of Kozuc or its allies

Article 5Edit

Tyler will be brought before the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kozuc

Section 2Edit

The Republic of Kozuc

Article 6Edit

The Republic will no longer atack the TRF

Article 7Edit

The Republic will have a fair trial for Tyler

Article 8Edit

The Republic will take the TRF off of there enemy list

Section 3Edit

The Atlantis Civil War

Article 9Edit

The TRF will surrender to the Republic of Kozuc

Article 10Edit

The Republic of Kozuc will have a peacful victory

Section 4Edit

Braking of this alliance

Article 11Edit

War will be declared

Article 12Edit

The treaty will become defunct


~~Vice President Rile~~

~~Prime Mnister Chance~~

~~Supreme Comander of the TRF Tyler~~

~~Vice Supreme Comander of the TRF Ryan~~

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