October 1st, 2012



Portland in Tigress State is in the middle of an arid transformation. Scientists in Monomew are traveling to Portland's city limits to see what is transforming these bundant meadows into a dustbox. Scientists think the density of rock in the ground keeps grass from producing roots and kills the grass. Many saplings of grass are in and near Portland but they never grow to be full grown blades.

Portland is now classified as a semi-arid climate and is more colder than anywhere else at night. Although this place is in the Appalachian Mountains, The area is still transforming into a desert and is spreading enough to transform Monomew's city limits into a desert.

It is estimated by 2045, The semi-arid transformatipn will transform Bink, Monomew into a semi-arid climate. By 2100, Deltacrux will be a semiarid climate while Monomew is a full blown desert. The nation is in crisis and is trying to mine out all the rocks out enough so that the desert dosen't spread.


House fire using gasoline

A house in Sandlinstadt. This fire was lit by rioters and burned it because a person thet liked Zackary Clark lived here...


Sketch of the horror in Sandlinstadt. Today, the embassy ias 2 stories missing on the top because of valdals. The Acessian flag is burning on the embassy lit by a Molotov Cocktail threw out the window.

In Sandlinstadt, Acessia. The riots are getting hotter. The riots against Zachary Clark has transformed Sandlinstadt's eligant skyline and Quad Fountains into a broken Lego creation and a flood maker. Zackary Clark has no idea this is happening and Klaise has been trying to contact him but all attempts has failed

The streets are going crazy. As the images show what horror the area sees at this moment. The area is going to be bombed by the Klaise Air Force and about 5 ultralight aircraft will through 60 molotov cocktails onto the city.

Zack has no idea any of this is happening. 5 story embassies falling, Suburbs burning and fires rising! The Klaisese authorities are heading to this hellhole and are evacuating citizens that are still alive. When all citizens are out of the city, Klaise will destroy the city and tranquilize the fires. Zack Clark has no reason to be mad, he caused a problem he has no idea about.

October 9th, 2012




A picture tooken of a Klaise plane heading for Sandlinstadt.


Another plane heading for Sandlinstadt. This is an alternate design for the air force.

Klaise has sent 5 of 10 ultralight aircraft to throw 70 molotov cocktails all over Sandlinstadt. Zack has no idea this happend. The area is in ashes and all the citizens has fleed all over Klaise happily ruled by someone that actually does action sometimes.

Klaise is NOT seeking war with Acessia. Klaisenbourough, the territory Sandlinstadt was in is half in ashes and half in major heat advisory. It should be 55oF in historical Sandlinstadt but it is at a scorching 108oF.

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