This speech was given on April 28, 2010 by His Excellency King Wilary the First of the Royal reformed States of America. It discusses the reasons for the involvement of the RrSA in the Univist Universal War. It is also the official statement of the Royal reformed States of America's involvement in the war.


This whole event first came to my attention when I happened to notice the United Univist States' declaration of war against "all micro and realworld nations". At first I wondered if it was joke, as it seemed to be highly impractical that anyone would declare war on pretty much "everyone". To be a reliable head of state, I wrote a decree on the matter. I then procceded to engage in discussing the affair with other nations in the Organisation of Active Micronation's forums. We kept at this, and then is when the statement of President McNeil of the UUS came out.

At first, I thought how nice it was to have an official statement on the subject. Shortly into reading it, I became shocked and appalled at what was said. There was the extremely disturbing statement on how the UUS would "hope however to damage many nations", and a reason for the whole affair being "to expand our borders and influence on the micronational world" which, on its own, is not all bad but is worrying considering who knows what they would do inside the new borders (especially if they want to "damage" people). There was a slight overall feeling of fear coming on at this point while I tried to figure out what to do next. I eventually came to my current position.

Considering that the RrSA had an alliance or two, I knew we would not go on a suicide mission if we were to go to war. I went and wrote an amendment to the decree I had originally wrote, declaring that we go to war then, not later as we might have. After, I announced our declaration of war against the UUS to the OAM and the Aegis Alliance, and called for members of both organizations to help the RrSA defend itself from the UUS's "harm". That is where we are now.

I shall leave the subject for now, but I want to say one more thing. We cannot let the UUS do this! We cannot let them harm us! We cannot let the micronational community be damaged by this aggressor! We cannot have nations causing problems and despair! Together friends, we must stop this attack! We must protect the community! We cannot allow for this threat to our wellbeing! We must fight together! To all other nations, join us and help make a better tomarrow!

Thank you everyone and let me end this by saying: NOS ERO LAURIFER!

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