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RrSA Flag

His Excellency King Wilary the First is the founder and current leader of the Royal reformed States of America.


  • "We must write, we must speak, and we must act towards achieving our final goal of having freedom. So then we could do what we want, when we want, within a reasonable, not unreasonable, set of boundaries."

- Call for students' freedom in the educational system.

  • "I have been noticing that more and more micronations are claiming the area of Bir Tawil. Seriously, if more nations start claiming that land there won't be enough space left in Bir Tawil to give each nation even ten square kilometers."

- Comment on nations claiming Bir Tawil.

  • "I would like people to read about people that were like Jefferson Davis. I want them to see the truth in the matter. I want these peoples’ images taken out from the dark and evil corner of history and put into the light of the golden sun to show the world that, just because they may have been on the opposing side of the socially “correct” side, they are not bad people. A lot of these people are actually good at heart."

- Request for "socially wrong" people to have the truth told about them.

  • "Together friends, we must stop this attack! We must protect the community! We cannot allow for this threat to our wellbeing! We must fight together! To all other nations, join us and help make a better tomorrow!"

- Call for other nations' assistance in the Univist Universial War.

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