Dear fellow micronationalists

I am appalled by the situation that has arisen in the past
hours. The very allies who led us into the war with the United Univist
States have withdrawn themselves, leaving us the laughing stock of the micronational

I see this act as a reason to rethink our foreign policy. We will try to be
more of a neutral state. For the past few months, Bradley of Dullahan has been
active, indeed with my permission, in forging alliances and friendships. In a situation
like this, we have seen what that leads to. Drawn into a war that has made us
the laughing stock of the micronational community.

No more, I say now. In the coming days, we will rethink our foreign policy.
We may withdraw from some alliances and focus on the internal matters, like
cleaning up our micronation and creating some cultural aspects.

I hereby withdraw the kingdom of Wyvern from this useless war

Quentin I of Wyvern

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