Dear fellow micronationalists

Today, Wyvern was brutally attacked by the nearby Maxian rebels. While working on a prototype raft, the Wyvern Infantry noticed that it was being watched by Maxian rebels, who had been listening through a high fence for a while. When confronted, they ran away, but when the Wyvern Infantry had returned to Midden-Wyvern, they decided to attack the base using sticks.

The Wyvern Infantry immediately mobilised using the spear and the crossbow, as well as some sticks they found in the base. The rebels were soon driven into a small street. When the Wyvern Infantry returned to the base to work on the prototype raft, the rebels took over Zuid-Wyvern. The Wyvern Infantry stormed out of the gate and crushed the rebels, even firing the crossbow once or twice. They were driven back into the small street again and, knowing that it was over for them, surrendered to the Wyvern Infantry.

The problem is apparent, though. Attacks from these rebels have become more and more frequent. Not a day passes without the rebels showing rebellious and, indeed, even violence behaviour towards the Wyvern authorities. We, the government, know that something has to be done. Policies are being made as we speak to contain the problem and prevent it from turning into a war.

King Quentin of Wyvern

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