Dear fellow micronationalists.

It has come to my attention that the United Univist States have declared
Wyvern Royal Coat of Arms

war on all micronations and real world nations. This, apparently, includes the
kingdom of Wyvern and all its allies. I have just had a discussion with the head of our armed forces,
general Bradley of Dullahan. He told me that it would be best to honour our alliances and
accept the declaration of war by the United Univist States.

I am not a man who disrespects alliances. Even though I am personally a bit skeptical
about the usefulness of this war, I feel forced by the people and the government of the
kingdom of Wyvern to accept their declaration of war. As a result,

I hereby accept the declaration of war by the United Univist States as the sovereign monarch of the kingdom of Wyvern.

Quentin I of Wyvern

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