Taken from: Barrington Times

Over the past few days, I have noticed increased aggression and hostility towards the government of this nation. It seems likely that a rebellion is coming, and that the rebels will win. I do not want to be a part of this.

Yesterday, I saw the log of a conversation between President Ben Lawson and General Daniel Phillips, where they discussed the idea of overthrowing the government and installing a military dictatorship. At one point, Ben said to Daniel ‘We can’t let Joe find out about this or he’ll kill me’. They then went on to suggest that state punishments be given to certain citizens and government members, including myself. It is regrettable that I have to disclose the details of a private conversation, but the safety of the people is at risk, and I feel that this action is necessary.

In light of this information, I have no other option but to resign as Liberal Party Leader, as a member of the Wyke Parliament and as a member of the Cabinet. I have also taken the decision to terminate my citizenship in the Republic of Wyke. I will inform other citizens, whom I believe to be in danger, that I think they should take the sensible action and leave the nation.

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