I am not a man who is against Sandus, in fact, the Baron is a good friend of mine, but really, this is a little too far. I do not believe that the Honourable Cameron Falby has done anything wrong. He has simply become independent from a nation with a great history, which is respectable. How the hell this is "unconstitutional", I have no idea. He may have some sort of dual citizenship, like many micronationalists do, but if his acts are not committed in Sandus, then therefore Falby's acts are fine with me. The ultimatum is unfair and it is trying to wage war with Scireland. I am not in any support with war, at all. I don't care who it is who is trying to start war; I do not want it. Even if my good friends in Flandrensis started a war with St. Charlie, I would be still very annoyed. I shall not compromise. I have always trusted Baron Soergel, and he has always been a good, honest leader, but if he is trying so badly to get Scireland back through military conflict, through arguments etc., I shall not support him.

Guillaume, please, call this off. We don't want war, and I especially don't want anyone to get upset about it all.

That is all I have to say,

Respectfully, James Puchowski, Premier of the Antarctic Community of Landashir etc.