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This was the first ever edition of the Intermicronational Tribune. The headlines were "The Work of 1,000 Wars" and "Egtavia Unveils Schematic for Battleship."

PDF VersionEdit


(Note: there are some spelling and grammar errors in the PDF version. If you see any in the text version below, feel free to change them.)

Text VersionEdit

1st Edition: February 2010Edit

The Work of 1,000 WarsEdit

The micronational world enters an intensified era of Peace; Situations in Angador, New Scireland virtually disappears; Erusia in the OAM?

--By King Parker I, editorEdit

Doing the work of 1,000 wars, micronations have achieved the impossible. Conflicts in the micronational world have nearly disappeared. Earlier this month, King of Sterling, Parker I, stated that he was worried that the MicroWiki community “could be headed for a second Black March” referring to conflicts in experienced micronations, like the Empire of New Europe and Barony of Sandus.New Europe was conflicted with the Kingdom of Angador over the U.S. state of Kentucky. Angador and New Europe both claimed the whole state.

In Sandus, a nation known as New Scireland declared independence from the Barony. This resulted in an ultimatum from Sandus that some nations deemed unfair. New Scireland refused this ultimatum, basically accepting war.

In both cases, peace was recently attained.However, while these conflicts were worked out, the Socialist Union of Nemkhavia and Pristinia (SUNP) began a dispute with longtime rival Erusia. But these two nations actually gained from the dispute. After the first round of negotiations, Mark Dresner of the SUNP has reported positive results, and, in a surprise move, Eurasia joined the OAM, a micronational union a Eurasian president had criticized before. This is a huge step forward in micronational peace.

Egtavia Unveils Schematic for BattleshipEdit

President Pierre d'Égtavie of Egtavia released, this month, the final schematic for the Egtavian battleship, The Egtavian Endeavor. You can see the schematicin the PDF version.