A declassified compilation of communications between SUNP officials.

Group Chat, 31.01.2010 Edit

The following is an informal meeting of Mark Dresner, Theodore DuRuisseau and John Gardner-Hammersmith via GTalk. All times are GMT+1. Jojo is Mr. Hammersmith, Theo is Mr. DuRuisseau, "me" is Mr. Dresner. Translation courtesy of Mark Dresner.


21:36 me: Greetings, Theodore :)
21:36 Theo: Hello. Long time no see :P
21:36 me: Haha, indeed :P
21:37 Theo: Is John still coming?
21:37 me: I think so, at least he said he would.

In the chat room: Theo [xxx] ([xxx], Jojo [xxx] ([xxx]

21:37 Theo: Haha, speaking of the devil.
21:38 Jojo: Hiya guys. Sorry, Theo?
21:38 me: Haha, hello :)
21:38 Theo: We were just talking about you, that's what I meant ;)
21:39 Jojo: Ah, okay.
21:39 Theo: So what are things like in Hamburg? Cold, right?
21:39 Jojo: Haha, how should I know. I'm in Cologne, remember?
21:39 me: You mean Nova City :P
21:40 Jojo: Ah, yes. Nova City of course.
21:40 me: Wait a minute please, incoming transmission from Starfleet Headquarters.
21:40 Theo: Huh?
21:40 Jojo: It's his way of saying that the phone rang.
21:41 Theo: Ah, okay. Geek :P
21:41 Jojo: I know. But hey, everyone needs a hobby.
21:41 Theo: Umm, may I remind you - he's a fricking micronationalist!
21:42 Jojo: Oh STFU. I'm a trekkie too, ya know.
21:42 Theo: Really? My condolences :P
21:43 Jojo: :P

7 minutes

21:50 me: I'm back.
21:50 Theo: Who was it? Spock? :P
21:51 Jojo: You're just not funny, you know :P
21:51 me: My gf.
21:51 Theo: Well neither is he :P
21:52 Jojo: What did she want?
21:52 me: Later, Jojo, later. Let's get down to business.
21:53 Jojo: Mkay. So what's on the agenda?

Theo is offline. Messages you send will be delivered when Theo comes online.

21:53 Jojo: What's that? Why is this [xxx] offline now?
21:53 me: Language! I'm thinking of archiving this or publishing it some time.
21:53 Jojo: Sorry :-/
21:55 Theo: Ah heya folks. Sorry for that, my browser crashed.
21:55 me: No worries :) What browser do you use?
21:55 Theo: Chrome.
21:56 me: Bwahaha! Chrome sucks :P That was bound to happen!
21:57 Theo: Yeah. Using good ole Firefox now.
21:58 Jojo: Give me three reasons why you're not using Internet Explorer...
21:58 Theo: Okay. 1 - It sucks!