At 7:44 Pacific Standard Time the Chancellor aprooved the Impeachment of Premier Riley. At 8:10 Pacific Standard Time Premier Riley stood before parliament and the parliament voted to declare neutrality and advance the case to the temporary court with Senator Alexander, Senator Connor and Judge Jack as the temporary justices because the Supreme Court would not be reliable.


Premier Riley endangered the Kingdom of Zurdonia and used poor judgement. He did do a good job with international affairs but his judgement in leading the nation was poor. The accusations were both passed by the Chancellor and the Parliament decided to move it on to the court.

Reaction by politicians/NationsEdit

King Chance- opposes the idea Treasurer Liam- opposes the idea

Republic of Starland - opposes the idea and condemns the Chancellor. Starland has asked for the Chancellor to reconsider and for the Parliament and Supreme Court to oppose it. Acting Prime Minister Destiny Elmo has called the Chancellor's actions a "coup by a dictator bent on grasping power."

TRF - The TRF supports the Chancellor

Riley's ReactionEdit

Pleads not guilty to the court

To the parliament he says "how?" and he also spoke before the parliament and you can read that bellow in the court document. Riley also went on to say "This is just a scheme for the Chancellor to get into power"

Parliament DocumentEdit

Still classifide __________________________________________________________________

Court DocumentEdit

Has not happened __________________________________________________________________

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