Today the ICA will respond to the new proposal of the USLSSR.

Let me start with the nature of this thought, It is not bad at some point, if you just forget the communist and socialist nonsense, they want to unite all under one flag.

Now let us think. Unite everyone under one flag, but who’s flag? Their flag? Who would want that? Most micronations are patriotic or don’t want to give up their sovereignty to them for a silly utopian thought, but what can you aspect from a communist?

Communists are all the same, they believe in a utopia were everyone works for free and they all can take according to need and give according to need, once more I will burst their bubble, the human race is greedy and doesn’t want to do things for free, would you work for free so someone else can take the stuff you make and live? No you wouldn’t.

Capitalism runs the world, You work you gain money and from the money you buy food and they buy goods to sale and hire people who they pay, and those people buy goods and stuff like food thus forming a cycle. That’s how the world should be run, you need a trading object that is what keeps us going!

But I’m drifting off. Why does he want to eliminate us? We don’t want to eliminate them! We want to diminish the socialist fronts as they have controlled this community for long enough. And now a Hard-line communist is trying to unify everyone under a Soviet Union like nation, eliminate all right politics and we the Middle-class and higher class should pay the lower class who only demands and not tries to become something more by learning or working?

I think we should consider this a serious offer. USLSSR should ask Nemkavia, Egtavia and A1 to join I would love to hear their answer, but remember in some way this is a good offer but like communism it could never be successful.

Protect your nation and culture, conservatism is the way.

Bradley of Dullahan

Duke of Dullahan Vice Secretary-General of the ICA

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