Between the Holy Celtic Empire and Plokooñan EmpiresEdit

'The Treaty of Wikia'

Whereby Diplomatic Ties are established


We, the representatives of Our respective governments, Emperor Saorbhreathach I Norton II of the Holy Celtic Empire of Eire and King Ignatius IV, Sovereign Ruler of the Absolute Mono-Monarchical Autocratic Empire of Plokooña, do wish to diplomatically establish ties with Our respective Monarchies. By the present document, the Treaty of Wikia, We define the following articles, which are to remain in force forever:

Article 1. Both Empires recognize each others’ mutual juridic sovereignty in all internal affairs, in both the domestic and international realm.

Article 2. The Plokooñan Empire and the Holy Celtic Empire of Eire shalt keep in diplomatic contact through the talkpages of Wikia.

Article 3. This Treaty shalt enter force on the first day of December in the Year of Our Lord Two-Thousand Ten/Year of the Jedi Thirty-Three.

Article 4. The original of the present Treaty shalt be deposited in both governmental legal archives, after the approval of both Empires.

Given in Plokooña, from the Seat of Government, at the Secretariat of State, on the Twenty-Fifth Day of September, the First Year of Our Diplomatic Ties.

I Here by agree to all Articles and laws pertaining to this Treaty

His Most Serene Apostolic Majesty Emperor Saorbhreathach I Norton II

Emperor of the Holy Celtic Empire, Supreme President of the Federated Commonwealth Realms of Avalonia

[1] King Ignatius IV

Sovereign Ruler of the Absolute Mono-Monarchical Autocratic Empire of Plokooña

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