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This page contains, celebration days of the Kingdom of Harenfall. The dates are not nessicarily celebrated, but are official "holidays" and noteworthy dates.

The dates are both dates that are celebrated in other countries, aswell as Harenfall

Days are listed as, 1 being earliest.

  1. 1st New Years day- (Første nyttårsdag) 1st January
  2. Christians Day- 12th April (Christiansdag) celebrating the dano-norwegian king Christian IV.
  3. Palm Sunday- 13th April (Palmesøndag) 
  4. Maundy Thursday- 17th April (Skjærtorsdag)
  5. Good Friday- 18th April (Langfredag)
  6. 1st Easter day 20th April (Første Paaskedag)
  7. 2nd Easter day- 21 April (Andre Paaskedag)
  8. Scotsday- 1st May (Skottedag) celebrating the English recognition of the Kingdom of Scotland.
  9. Ascension day- 29th May (Kristi Himmelfartsdag)
  10. 1st Pentecost Day- 8th June (Første pinsedag)
  11. 2nd Pentecost Day- 9th June (Andre pinsedag)
  12. Olafsday- 29th July (Kong Olavsdag) marking the death of St.Olaf in the battle of Stiklestad.
  13. National Day- 26th September (Nasjonaldag) Celebrating the founding of the kingdom.
  14. 1st Christmas Day- 25th December (Første Juledag)
  15. 2nd Christmas Day- 26th December (Andre Juledag)

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