The Hampshire Accord is a treaty ratified by Secretary Secretariat Son III of NottaLotta Acres and Crown Prince Jonathan of Austenasia on 8 October 2010. The treaty established a continuing state of peace, commerce and mutual recognition between the two countries.

Text of the Hampshire AccordEdit


May we respect and accept the proceeding treaty of friendship and commerce between Austenasia and NottaLotta Acres, whose style shall be "The Hampshire Accord".

Article IEdit

Section 1. The High Office of Legal Intercession and Cabinet shall recognize the lands claimed by the Empire of Austenasia as sovereign Austenasian soil in the island of Great Britain, namely, 3,544 square feet in Wrythe, Glencrannog, and South Kilttown, and any future claims which shall be deemed legitimate.

Section 2. The Empire of Austenasia shall recognize the lands claimed by NottaLotta Acres as sovereign NottaLottan soil in America, namely, 10 square acres in Kansas, and any future claims which shall be deemed legitimate.

Section 3. If there shall arise a question on the part of either signatory as to the legitimacy of land claims, the option of reasoning via diplomatic negotiations shall commence until such time as the party's claim is found either to be upheld or without merit; finding the latter of which will result in disclaiming the area in question.

Article IIEdit

Section 1. Commerce and the regulation thereof shall be commenced and negotiated between the signatories voluntarily. Shipping, weights and measures, rates of exchage, and other methods and modes of commerce may be regulated by mutual agreement.

Section 2. Capital to be interchanged, bought, traded, or otherwise exchanged may consist of stocks, bonds, currency, goods, letters, documents, or electronic media.

Article IIIEdit

Section 1. Neither party shall wage war on the other, be it in the form of political or economic sanction, nor military intervention, without this treaty, in its entirety, being nullified.

Section 2. This treaty may be amended by mutual agreement of the signatories.

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