Sir. Gordon Freeman was the Chairman of the Most Glorious People's Republic of A1 and the founder and 1st Secretary-General of the Organisation of Active Micronations.

Quotes Edit

  • "We see multimicronational organisations as adding to the capabilities of micronations, such as providing means of communication between micronations or providing for a middleman in negotiations, rather than compromising or replacing them."

(On intermicronational organisations)

  • "It is absolutely essential to the micronational world that everyone is given the unalienable right to express their opinion, no matter how controversial."
  • "...sovereignty in micronationalism is almost a contradiction in terms. However, once looked at excluding the threat of physical violation, it does hold some relevance. Violation of sovereignty in micronationalism is not involvement in a multilateral issue, but gratuitous involvement in a unilateral issue that, until foreign involvement, affects and is contained within the borders of the micronation."

(On sovereignty)

  • "I do acknowledge that no micronation has, or is ever likely to, have actual control/sovereignty over any size territory (with a few notable exceptions). However, some claims are at least relatively realistic and even, maybe, slightly believable. Entire Antarctic claims do not fall into this category. The notion that some micronation thousands of kilometres away from some giant icy wasteland and having absolutely no contact can lay a “legitimate” claim to large chunks of it is plain silly. "

(On Antarctic Micronationalism)