Grand Duchy of Flandrensis: official statementEdit

Fellow micronational leaders and citizens, today I read about the universal war the United Univist States wants to start. I strongly condemn this war. It is quite stupid to declare war to the whole world.

The President wrote: "we believe that war ALWAYS has positive effects on societies and why should this be any different?". What does he think? War is a positive thing? How dare you! The upcoming week we celebrate the fact Western Europe is liberated 65 years. We all learned at school how awful war is - I did.

War doesn't have a positive effect and we don't want to get involved in this war. War is always wrong and there is no exception.

Summarized, we don't want to get involved in any way. Words are the best way to solve conflicts, to arm yourself is an expression of powerlessness.

I hope the point of view of the Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and the Principality of Arkel is clear now. -Maarten van Arkel, prince of Arkel, minister of Foreign Affairs of Flandrensis

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