Template:VPDTF The First State of the Nation Address of the Republic of Petorio was delivered by president Kalvin Koolidge on January 8, 2009.


"My fellow Petorian citizens, today I will be delivering my address to you all. A lot has happened in my four months as your president: I passed a law banning incandescent light bulbs, two people were shot in my own backyard, I appointed governors, I fixed a crashed economy, I extended the national currency, I formed alliances with several nations, I was accused of corruption and subsequently found innocent, a Parliament was created, and then I went on vacation. But never mind history; I want to talk about the future today, the future of this great nation created from scratch by me and Vice President Barry Ortiz.

"National Security. There was an event several weeks ago threatening our national security in Charwood, and it was fixed, but for the future, I believe a military should be created, not for violent purposes, but to protect us from an invasion. Parliament, I'm talking to you.

"Another thing I want to discuss is foreign affairs. Our six allies have been much help to us, and I hope to increase the number of allied nations in the coming months. Some nations I had my eyes on were Erusia and Roland. As for the new land in Charwood, I think we should turn it into its own province or county.

"Thank you, and God bless Petorio."

Issues mentionedEdit

  • Petorio Energy Act 2008
  • recent military activity
  • appointing governors for provinces and territories
  • resolving the economic crash
  • extension of the Petorian Dollar
  • intermicronational alliances
  • accusation of corruption and innocence declaration
  • creation of the Parliament of Petorio
  • national security
  • foreign affairs