Formation of Provisional Government of Elefthfria

I. The Central Minster leads meetings and has full veto power

II. The Current Central Minster is Pete Leventis

III. Council may do anything unless vetoed

IV. The Formal Minster is head of state and has the power to dissolve the Provisional government when affirmed by council

V. Current Formal Minster is Hollis Leventis

VI. The High Council is made of John, Sarah and Pete

VII. The High Council is the extreme power going out of the vetos and is only limited by superb dissolution format

VIII. The Superb Dissolution explained in the lower sections

IX. The Supeb Dissolution it a ticking clock

X. It can Dissolve all decrees if felt un sure

XI.The Dissolutionator is Pete

XII. He is not limited by power, but may be repoved if horrible

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