V: Garrisons, Generals, Governors and Commanders

  • Any Provinces or Protectorates of the Midget Nation-in-Exile will be protected and administrated by a garrison of the Midget Army.
  • Garrisons of the Midget Army will be led by either a General, a Governor or a Commander.
  • The Midget Master shall choose the General, Governor or Commander of each Province or Protectorate.
  • All Generals, Governors and Commanders are directly subordinate to the Midget Master.
  • The largest and/or most important Provinces, such as the main base, will have a garrison led by a General.
  • The largest and/or most important Protectorates, and most normal Provinces, will have a garrison led by a Governor.
  • The smaller Provinces, and most normal Protectorates, will have a garrison led by a Commander.
  • The Midget Master may give certain powers and duties to a General, but may withdraw them at any time.
  • The Midget Master may change a garrison's General, Governor or Commander at any time.

Decreed on Monday 25th January 2010, on the one thousand two hundred and seventy fourth day of her reign, by Midget Master Caroline III:


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