The Edict of Peruuttaa (Finnish: withdraw) was proposed on January 25, 2010 by Wilhelm I of New Europe to revoke the recognition of any micronations who recognized Angador.


New Europe and Angador were locked in a territory dispute over Anga claimed territory in the Free State of Kentucky. The imperial government offered Angador full internal control of Kentucky if they intergrated into New Europe, they refused. Angador later made comments to other micronations with territory disputes with New Europe. Attempting to convince them to join an alliance directed against New Europe. The proposal was reviewed and passed by the Imperial Assembly, and went into force on Febuary 1st, 2010.


To recognize Angador is to take the side of a group who openly seeks to undermind the credibility of New Europe. To recognize them is to not recognize New Europe, and that no micronational group shall be spared from this policy.

I: Any micronation who recognizes Angador shall not be recognized by New Europe in anyway.

II: If a micronation already recognized by New Europe, recognizes Angador shall have the recognition revoked pending their recognition of Angador.

III: If micronations join in an alliance with Angador, the imperial government will request an explanation from the micronation. At which New Europe will react accordingly.

This document may be reviewed and amended every two months. All micronations whose recognition is revoked may have such restored to them upon proof they withdrew their recognition of Angador.

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