I would really like to have the statement of all micronations about the following problem. ~King Wiebe Marten Wijnja of Lacia I

Hello there, fellow micronationalists. For who doesn't know, I am the king of a recently started micronation called Lacia. However, Lacia still did not sent any Declaration of Independence to any country. Even 'The Netherlands' did not recieve a Declaration from us, while our territory could be seen part of The Netherlands by some people. Why? Because we don't recognise The Netherlands as a country.

However, I as the king of Lacia would really like the statements of other micronations about this:

  • Is there any point in sending a Declaration of Independence to a country that you don't recognise, even tough that that country is a so-called 'macro country' by some other people, and even tough you claim territory that lies in the same area as their clame.

All comments are appreciated,

WM of Lacia 13:40, May 18, 2010 (UTC)

Unless you are completely serious about forming your own country, I would ignore the subject entirely. If you are, I would send one anyway. Personally, I don't think sending a declaration has any correlation between whether you recognize the country or not.

AuburnAttack21 11:20, May 20, 2010 (UTC) His Lordship, David Salapa of the Republic of Ultamiya

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