We, the People of Eleytheria do hereby solemnly declare that by this decree the Empire of Eleytheria be formed in the Grace of God by decree of from His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of All Eleytheria, Charles I. This Holy Empire of Eleytheria shall be guided by God and His Holiness the Pope into a period of everlasting prosperity. Hereuntoforward shall be defined the realm of said Nation under God in the thus following way:

1.) The Archduchy of Eleytheria
2.) The County of Regalshire and City of Regalton, the lands of the Hendersley Clan
3.) The City and Duchy of Marshweald, the lands of the Phelps Clan
4.) The City and County of Longestowe, the lands of the McPherson Clan
5.) The Baronies of Farcrest, Goldcourt and Lionrampant
6.) As well as the dependent colony of the Kingdom of Palmyra

The Empire of Eleytheria therefore declares independence from the Republic of Austria and the United States of America in good faith and fair intentions, to unite its people as one, and to crush all resistance against the righteous independence of the Eleytherians.

It does also henceforward define the basic rights and privileges of every citizen of Eleytheria, as well as the obligations:

I. Every Eleytherian has the right to life, to the necessities of such and to the protection of their life by their government and Emperor in goodwill.
II. Every Eleytherian has the right to think, speak and believe freely, which is subject to but few limitations.
III. Every Eleytherian has the right to an education securing their future as an adult Eleytherian citizen. The government and Emperor will grant education to any citizen given the necessary resources exist.
IV. No Eleytherian may publicly denounce any member of government or the Royal family unless themselves a member thereof.
V. No Eleytherian may practise banned religions.
VI. Every Eleytherian is very much subject to Eleytherian law, meaning mostly Imperial decrees which can be issued only by the Emperor.
VII. Major disagreements between Eleytherians shall be settled in court.
VIII. All aspects of the government (including Executive, Legislature, Judicative, Military) are to be controlled by the Emperor and any delegates he deems fit.
IX. No Eleytherian may defy or betray their Emperor or country.
X. None of the obligations mentioned are of concern to the Emperor.


  • HIM The Emperor Charles I.
  • HH The Consul John Phelps
  • HG Governess Anna McPherson
  • Hon Sir Henry McPherson

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