The Principality of Eruditia does declare its sovereignty and its independence on the date October 1st, 2010 A.D. as the first micronation (nation at that) to uphold an Illuminarchal government system. Such a system follows these principles:

1) Peace is a main objective; work cannot be done with war

2) Scientific, empirical, and philosophical advancement is a major prerogative in the Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia

3) Religious and spiritual development is a major prerogative in the Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia

4) Rather than being polar opposites that contradict one another, illuminarchy states that science and religion mesh together and are complementary views of a larger, more esoteric mindset.

5) Illuminarchy upholds that philosophy, science, the arts, and religion have all been suppressed and ignored in the current day and age, and need to be upheld and expanded upon.

As the first Illuminarch, it is my duty, responsibility, and privelege to solemnly exercise these creeds, and I beckon all thinkers, scientists, and people of all religions to come unto the Illuminarchal Union of Eruditia.

Illustros est via,

His Illuminated, Illuminarch Nicholas Vergara I

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