This document is the declaration of Ashoki Independence. It was written by Emperor Carl F. Maurya on August 30, 2010 and published the following they on the official website.


Declaration of Ashoki Independence

August 30th 2010

We are all fools marched through life by drums played by fools. For to long have humanity walked the earth as drones filled with delusions and illusions fed to us. As the path of Dharma is long for the fool so have the walk been for us. However, on this day we stop our walk, break our walking sticks and throw away the shackles that has been forced upon us.

No longer shall we sit by the fires of ignorant masters bathing in their own misguided glory and understanding of right and wrong, no longer shall we call ourselves titles that has no meaning to us and no longer shall we walk the path of fools. On this day we start our own fires, on this day we throw away all titles and on this day we take the first steps on the path of enlightenment. On this day we call ourselves Ashoki, proud citizens of the Exilarchy of Ashoka. We are children of the empire and the empire shall care for us as a parent. Its fires shall keep us warm, its titles shall have value and its path shall be paved in light. On this day we declare a new Era of mindfulness.

It was stated by Buddha Siddharta, that if a wayfarer fails to find one better or equal he should fare alone for there is no fellowship with fools. Therefore the Emperor, the Grand Tribunal and the honourable citizens of the Exilarchy of Ashoka has decided to leave the fools and declare themselves independent. As a free and independent state we shall have full power to levy war, conclude peace, contract alliances, establish commerce, and to do all other acts which an independent state may of right do. We were fools marching through life by drums played by fools. At least we were wise enough to become aware of this while the fools playing the drums still think of themselves as wise. We leave them behind and the beating of their drums can no longer be heard. A lion’s roar can always be heard over the drumming of fools.

Carl F. Maurya, Emperor of Exilarchy of Ashoka

August 30th 2010