Capital: Vazikobar.


State Flag of Dasmundie.

Song: Dog Song.

Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

Drink: Orange Drink.

Animal: Anteater.

Bird: Osprey.

Tree: Cedar.

Slogan: Kindergarten state.

Motto: Sharing is Caring.

Mineral: Copper.

Governstatesman: Alex S.

State Official Sport: Dodge Ball.

Demonym: Dasmundian.

State Instrument: Harmonica.

State Gun: Gewehr 43.

Reptile: Frill-necked Lizard.

Amphibian: Salamander.

Fossil: TriCeratops.

Laws. (Constitutional laws are already added)

1. Each work place must have a manditory nap break atleast 10 minutes long.

2. Unless someone is certified to go onto your property, they have up to three warning before you are allowed to shoot tresspassers.

3. People diagnosed with depression, insanity, or paranoia, are not allowed to own a semi-automatic firearm.

4. Every person must celebrate the national holidays.

5. People are allowed to start working at age 10.

6. The legal age for alcohal consumption is 24.

7. To be able to use marijuana you must atleast age 21. Smoking age is 18.

8. Loiter is illegal.

9. Disturbing the peace is illegal, depending on the caliber.

10. Modern Feminism is not accepted, due to the fact women have extreme equal rights.

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