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Article One- Leadership of the StateEdit

The Union of South London Soviet Socialist Republics from now will be controlled by the President and his adjacents. The adjacents will also have control over different departments and only have control over there department. In a state of war the President has control of the state in its entirety but if he/she chooses to then he/she may delegate areas of responsibility to others. In the event of the President being unable to rule the Vice-President will assume power and the General Sectary will be his/her right-hand man. Any citizen may hold any number of offices at one time.

Article Two- State SecurityEdit


Article Three- Economy and TaxesEdit

Go read the Communist Manifesto.

Article Four- Control Provincial of the SSRsEdit

Each SSR has its own government which is in direct control of main national government. The system is very similar to the national government. However it doesn't have any control over the military or economy. The national government gives each SSR enough money to cater for the people's needs. An SSR can be dissolved at any time, for example look at the MSSR, this was done due to poor running.

Article Five- Police and Public SecurityEdit

The Police Force has been put in place to protect the population. They can detain anyone for up to 14 days without charging them. The state has no secret police force, despite the rumours. The state has no need for any kind of secret police force as the people do not go against state protocol.

Article Six- Human RightsEdit

All are equal

All people have the right to bear arms

Although religion is a lie, those who wish to practice it are free to. No form of creationism is to be taught as truth in schools.

All people have the right to trial before the courts

People cannot be discriminated against because their race, sex or any other reason

Article Seven- Military ServiceEdit

All men above the age of 16 are required to serve in the military. Be it in the Ground Forces, Navy or Air Force. As long as service is done then it is ok.

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