Coat of Arms

Melandic Coat of Arms

The Constitution of the Sovereign State of the Melandic Republic

This constitution promises everything contained to a citizen of the Melandic Republic.

==Section 1: The Government ==

1. The Government upholds the right to banish* a citizen if they break the laws as set out by this constitution.

2. The Government is set on a democratic basis, and will hold elections immediately once the term of 6 months is complete.

3. Every citizen has the right to vote, to stand for election, to express their opinion to the Central House of Justice (the High Court), and is free to express their opinion freely as well as do anything freely without breaking the Law.

4. The Central House of Justice is made up of every parliament member, the President being the judge, and the rest being the jury.

5. The president can be impeached through a vote of confidence. If confidence is lower than 50%, the president must leave office immediately, and fresh elections shall be held. The impeached president cannot run in those elections.

6. The president may also resign, and if so, fresh elections shall be held. Martial law can be declared for a fortnight if passed by all members of the National Assembly

==Section 2: The Army and Law & Order ==

1. Every citizen shall take up arms immediately when war is declared, or when our national interests are at stake or interfered with.

2. When a citizen breaks the following rules, it shall be received with the following punishment:



Hurting another citizen

Trial in the Central House of Justice (CHJ), where punishment shall be decided.

Killing another citizen

Trial in the CHJ.

Hurting another foreigner

Banishment.* (Banishment is defined as ending citizenship and being banned from entering the Republic ever again.

Killing another foreigner

Banishment and trial in Ireland.

Election Fraud

Banishment and two slaps.

Embezzlement, stealing money, or fraud

Paying the stolen amount with a fine of 200% interest.

Denying another citizen their basic rights as a citizen.

Banishment with a fine of €10. (Equal to 20 Melandic krona).

Other crimes

Trial in the CHJ

==Section 3: Other Laws of interest ==

1. To become a citizen, you must pass a simple test, which is especially designed by the Government.

2. As a citizen, as well as the rights stated above, you have other basic rights, over which you can talk about with the president. If you feel those rights have been breached, again contact the CHJ to organise a case to sue the person whom you feel breached your rights as a citizen, or organise a trial.

3. Don’t forget, The Government is always here to help, and again contact us for any assistance or help.

4. Smoking is banned.

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