Basic PrinciplesEdit


Article 1 Edit

Dalton is a Federal Republic. The Head of State is the President, the Head of Government is the Prime Minister. Each Krai and Oblast has a Governor. Dalton is democratic and secular, it is not aligned to state religion or state political ideology.

Article 2 Edit

The President and Prime Minister are elected every year from a group of candidates each representing a political party. Governors of Kalets are elect through local elections.

Article 3 Edit

The Legislature is unicameral. The House of Legislature is the Daltonese Bailey.

Article 4 Edit

The Sovereign Territory of Dalton is located in Antarctica and the island of Great Britain. Dalton shall not accpet territory outside of these claims.

Article 5 Edit

The Foreign Affairs of Dalton is controlled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Dalton. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Dalton has the power to make diplomatic relations with foreign states.

Article 6 Edit

If the office of a minister is vacant, the President will temporally stand as minister of a vacant office.

Article 7 Edit

The Official Currency of Dalton is the Daltonese Misen, Daltonese shops will ibly accept the Daltonese Misen.

Article 8 Edit

The official languages of Dalton is Daltonese and Cainian. English is a co-official language. Both Theban and Latin are official alpahbets, and should be used for writing all official and co-official languages.



Article 1 - FlagEdit

The Flag of Dalton is a vertical tricolour of red, blue and white.

Article 2 - Coat of Arms Edit

The Coat of Arms of Dalton is the Montenegrin eagle charged with three horizontal bands of black, white and red with a blazon of a rooster in the centre. The Coat of Arms differs from the Coat of Arms of Montenegro since it lacks the crown, pupils and has gold claws.

Artilce 3 - Unofficial flagEdit

The historic flag of Dalton shall serve as an unofficial symbol of Dalton. The historic flag is a horizontal triband of black, white and red with a rooster in the centre.



Article 1 - KaletsEdit

Oblasts are Federal subjects of Dalton. Oblasts refer to a sub division which is under control by the Daltonese-Airkan government.

Article 2 - Powers of Kalets Edit

Kalets have a governor appointed though local elections in which the population of a Kalet votes.

Article 3 -Antarctic territory Edit

The Antarctic Territory of Dalton is located on the continent of Antarctica. The Antarctic territory is an overseas region, however is still part of the Sovereign territory of Dalton.

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