Contitution of the Democratic Republic of NasatroeEdit

The people of Nasatroe believe that the number of citizens is too low to have a strong legislature and hereby establish this constitution to govern the Democratic republic of Nasatroe until the population reaches fifteen or more active citizens.

Article 1Edit

The prime minister will be elected on March, June, September, and December first. A majority of the citizens must vote for the prime minister to elect him to office.

The prime minister is head of the government and responsible for the day to day workings of the government.

Anyone may call a vote of no confidence to remove the prime minister from office. Two thirds of the population must vote against the prime minister to remove him from office.

Article 2Edit

The president will be elected on the same day as the prime minister. The president had the same votes of no-confidence rules as the prime minister does.

The president is the head of state and recieves all ambassadors, consuls, and foreign dignitaries. He also appoints all ministers for the prime minister.

The president is the commander and chief of the Nasatraian Defense Force.

Article 3Edit

The Court of Jurisprudence shall uphold the law of the land and be the supreme court of Nasatroe, which will hold all cases in the country.

The Supreme Justice will hold the court and the president, prime minister, and Minister of Justice will be the jurors.

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