May Ultamiya be blessed with all freedoms and defenses under this Constitution, which shall underline the laws of the land and Republic, and be carried out until its duties are completed.

I. General Laws

1. Any visitors from a country other than the United States, Vikesland, Sealand, or Molossia must present passports at the front door of the Governmental Building in order to proceed.

2. Any acts of disrespect toward the flag of the Republic is prohibited.

3. Smoking anywhere near the Flag is prohibited.

4. Outside firearms are prohibited. Only Ultamian firearms can be transported to and from the capital and/or embassies, and only in times of emergency. Nerf weaponry is permitted.

5. Littering is discouraged. Multiple offenses of this law may have consequences.

II. Executive

1. The President shall carry the title "His Lordship".

2. The President shall carry all power of governmental and legislative bodies until those respective bodies can be established.

3. The President shall serve until resignation or death.

4. When either of the aforementioned shall occur, an election will be conducted to select a new President.

5. Only the President has the power to declare war.

III. Legislative

1. The Ultamian Legislative Council (ULC) shall, in all times and events, be a fluctuating body. The size of the legislature depends on how many people are active on the chief forum, email, or website Ultamiya may be connected to. The person, if not a member of that body, cannot participate in the Council.

2. A Governing Host of the Council can be appointed by the President, upon approval of the rest of the Council, every six months. There is no term limit to how many times a Host can be appointed. 3. The Governing Host can:

a. Two votes in all decisions and trials

b. Act independently of both the President and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in diplomatic relations

c. Appoint one foreign individual, upon approval of the President, to serve in one decision or trial

4. Upon becoming a Council member, no person can be dismissed from the Council unless that individual is banned, dies, or is elected to the office of the President.

IV. Amending

1. This Constitution can be amended at any time, at the will of the people of Ultamiya.

2. If the people introduce an addition or change to the Constitution, they must vote in favor of the bill, and then the President shall decide whether to execute the addition or change or not.

3. If the President introduces an addition or change to the Constitution, the people shall vote whether to execute the addition or change or not.

4. Any change decided to take place will do so either:

a. Immediately, at request of the President

b. The Midnight following two days after the vote or decision closes

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