Article I - Definitions Edit

1. In this Charter, the following words are defined as follows:

2. The feminine pronoun shall be construed to include the masculine.

Article II - Membership Edit

1. The following steps must be taken by a micronation in order to acquire membership in the LOSS.

2. The following steps shall be taken by the LOSS to rescind the membership of a member-state.

3. If a member-state merges or is annexed by another nation the fate of their member-state status shall be as follows:

4. If a member-state wishes to admit a new delegate (voting or otherwise), the following procedures shall be taken.

Article III - Organs Edit

1. The General Assembly

2 - The Secretariat

3 - The Undersecretariat

4 - Supreme Court of LOSS

5 - Committees

Article IV - Settlement of Disputes Edit

1. Any war or threat of war is to be considered of grave concern to the LOSS, whether immediately affecting any member-state of the League or not, and the League shall take such action as it may deem wise and prudent to safeguard the peace of Nations. If the secretary-general deems it necessary she may call an emergency session of the General Assembly to review the matter.

2. It is the right and duty of each member-state of the League to bring to the attention of the General Assembly any situation or circumstance which may adversely affect the peace thus far nurtured within the micronational community.

3. Arbitration

Article V - Recourse to Breach of Peace or Acts of Aggression Edit

1. Disputes between Member-States

2. Should any member-state of the League resort to war or threat of war in disregard of its covenants under the present Charter, it shall be deemed to have committed a declaration of war against all member-states which hereby undertake to immediately subject said aggressor to the severance of all trade and relations between itself and the said aggressor.

3. Dispute Involving Non-Member State

Article VI - Regional Arrangements and Treaties Edit

1. All member-states are free to negotiate, ratify, and conduct separate treaties or covenants with other micronations and canonical nations whether they are LOSS members or not, as long as the stipulations of the treaty do not require the signatories who are LOSS members to behave in a way contrary to the LOSS charter.

2. Separate treaties should be registered with the signatories involved.

3. Should the LOSS, or any LOSS member, wish to view any treaty or regional arrangement made by a LOSS member, that member should be willing to procure a copy of the treaty for the LOSS or the nation requesting.

Article VII - Miscellaneous Provisions Edit

1. The LOSS, being an organization that conducts business over the Internet, shall have no fixed physical seat per se. For practical purposes, the seat of the LOSS will be considered to be the city, province, or micronation the secretary-general resides in.

Article VIII - Amendment Edit

1. If a member-state desires to amend, change, revoke, or add to a portion of this Charter, its delegate shall prepare a motion to that effect.

2. The motion shall be put forward and voted on in the General Assembly according to Section III, Subsection i.

3. In order for the motion to pass, a quorum of seventy-five percent (75%) and a sixty-six percent (66%) majority shall be required.

4. Once the motion is passed, the Charter shall be amended accordingly, all obsolete official copies destroyed, and the new version ratified according to Article IX.

Article IX - Language Edit

1. The official, and first, language of the League of Secessionist States shall be English.

2. The secondary official language of the League of Secessionist States shall be Esperanto, but anyone who posts a message in Esperanto must provide a translation into English, so that both languages can be read in the same message. The secretary-general may also appoint an official translator, who may translate Esperanto messages into English on behalf of members who request assistance. In such cases, the initial post may be in Esperanto, followed by an official translation in a subsequent post.

3. Members may also post in other languages, but in such cases the one who posts must provide a translation into English, so that both languages can be read in the same message. If a translation into English is not provided, the message is invalid and the secretary-general may delete it.

4. In a conflict between languages, the one in the English language is final and conclusive.

Article X - Ratification Edit

1. Once the draft of this Charter is finished, it shall be e-mailed to all delegates by means of the mailing list.

2. Within a period of 30 days after the draft is submitted, delegates may respond with suggestions for amendment.

3. The charter shall be signed by having each official delegate from the member states affix their name, nation represented, and current e-mail address to the charter.

4. This article shall be in full force as soon as the initial draft of the Charter is submitted.

Whereas we, the Delegates of the Member-States of the League of Secessionist States, hereby approve of, ratify, and confirm the force of this Charter, we have affixed our several marks and seals hereto.