The Chancinian Declaration of Independence is the Declaration of independence for the United Provinces Under Chance and is written by there Secretary Commander and was approved by Overlord Chance.

Declaration of IndependenceEdit

The United Provinces Under Chance claims independence from the United States of America. The United Provinces Under Chance claims their leader Overlord Chance as the leader of the independent state.They take there constitution and they recognize themselves as true soverign nation state. They say that they are as real of a nation as the United States or any other United Nations country. The declaration of independence allows all citizens to have duel citizenship. We declare ourselves under our own flag and we are our own country controled only by our soverign state and we are no part of the United States of America or any other nation. We are a true country that will one day be recognized by many. We will now be known as the Chancilites and we are the Chancinian people.

Rsmall1413 16:48, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

Overlord Chance

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