Minister of Justice The Emperor

Minister of Law The Empress

  • | I Article .........| All shall have Freedom of Speech.
  • | Article I note ....| as long as the Speech is not offensive towards someone because of their Ethnicity, Culture, Religious Faith, Sexual Orientation, Gender, or Life Style.
  • | II Article ........| All shall have Freedom of Religious Expression and Practice.
  • | Article II Note ...| as long as the practice is not hindering on other religious beliefs of life belief.
  • | III Article .......| All shall Reframe from Violent Behaviors and Terrorist Acts.
  • | IV Article ........| All shall Barter and Trade.
  • | Article IV Note ...| Instead of Using Curency [Money or Coins].
  • | V Article .........| All shall Help others, whether Citizen, Members or Foreign.
  • | Article V Note ....| Especially in a Time of Need.
  • | VI Article ........| All shall have a Trade of Profession as to help better the Empire and Realms.
  • | VII Article .......| All shall have an occupation prior to Marriage.
  • | VIII Article ......| All shall be Considered Legal of Age if Older than 16 years old.
  • | Article VIII Note .| Which Means for the Age for Smoking, Drinking, Getting Married, Sexual Relations.
  • | IX Article ........| All shall be able to Consume or Smoke Cannabis Legally.
  • | Article IX Note ...| But Cocaine, Heroine, and other Drugs are Illegal
  • | X Article .........| All Shall undergo Re-Education if Caught Stealing.
  • | Article X Note ....| Will Learn a Trade so as not to have the need to steal no further.
  • | XI Article ........| All under the age of 16 shall have the right to have a pet.
  • | Article XI Note ...| For reasons for therapeutic Reasons and to learn responsibility.
  • | XII Article .......| to be discussed in Parliament.
  • | XIII Article ......| to be discussed in Parliament.
  • | XIV Article .......| to be discussed in Parliament.

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