Hello fellow micronationalists,

yet again Sandus proves to have missed the point and trust wrong sources, also , they prove that not I am making myself a victim but they are victimizing them self’s . Ooh dear Sandus…ooh that poor micronation, attacked by those nasty bourgeoisie.

Sandus left the OAM, as we all have seen, in the period the OAM needed all the members it had but dear Sandus and its allies wanted to cripple the OAM by leaving. Note that they had planned it and discussed it together as they almost left together and had already asked their governments for permission. And I may talk behind their backs, how can I else? Sandus kicks people who he can’t beat, or just ignores them. Sandus is a weak Dresner like state without a spine. And if he does stay he fights with weak arguments and then tells people to ‘’fuck off’’ and then leaves. So does that ring a bell to anyone here? Also a weird thing is that why should Eleytheria now be attacked on their religion? Their state isn’t a theocracy!

Also Sandus thinks a senator can’t speak his mind about persons? Does Sandus and Erusia know Geert Wilders? He always says what is on his mind, also including persons like the Turkish leader, so why can’t I? I am in no way a representative of my nation I’m a chosen senator who represents the people who voted on me, which is not the majority of the population, and thus I can say whatever I want.

Then even more crazy is that Egtavia, the micronation, who’s leader was the Secretary General of the OAM and failed to do his job because he suddenly left with his allies. Latest news, in the distant future they want to rejoin! Well yeah they have a spine their like the Dutch Labor Party, turning and twisting from points of view and policy and decision, we yet see their image fall to deep to recover. I still wonder how it could be a mistake to ban me without reason when he did it when his allies agreed on it, I’m glad he unbanned me but still little weird.

This alliance has done damage to the OAM on purpose and Egtavia has seen that they have made a mistake, the poor mister Fish had all right to become angry, but didn’t, I don’t know how the future will look but I know for sure it will be much better without these nations. Kyng Fyrst and I have agreed to run as partners in the Secretary General election. Our biggest point: changing or removing resolution 28.

And if Sandus thought that they would get away from my critic on them, their horribly wrong.

Bradley of Dullahan,

Duke of Dullahan

Vice-Leader of the ICA

Observer of the OAM and Vice Secretary General candidate.

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