Ladies and gentlemen, I Bradley of Dullahan have been attacked by the not only Sandus but also by the media, In this speech I’m going to defend myself because I can’t stand the lies anymore. First off: St. Charlie Observer.

This newspaper is not only based on what little information they can find, but also they don’t check the information. I have been attacked by (I think) three people from St. Charlie, what’s the first thing they do, well its attacking on grammar and spelling! I stated (cause I know they will be attacked by other who know of it) that I am Dyslectic, they can’t know about it so ill stay polite and tell it.

But when I told ‘’Nick’’ about it he went all defensive, and now without even any proof he states that I use my handicap against him and to gain support from my friends/allies. I’m sorry Nick but I can perfectly defend my own and can you prove that I had that intention or asked anyone for help? Answer: No. Easy for them to attack on grammar and spelling to cover up their weak arguments.

Also, to defend the lies:

I wasn’t forced to quite Foreign affairs I choose to do that. I never entered the Austenasia Civil war although I am for the rebels, Wyvern remained neutral.

Then the discussion with Mr Reinhardt and his fellow citizen from St. Charlie teamed up against me and keep attacking me, well the Double Monarchy of Denmark is as real and serious as any other, I find that their trying to say with political stance states may make, he’s an admin and he doesn’t have any good arguments then: ‘’Their aggressive neutralists’’ yes it is weird but a dog as president is also weird, so what’s weird on the micro wiki, we all have different policies and other customs.

Also im not interested in this arguement with Sandus anymore, they only one who are making the things worse is the St. Charlie Observer, so lets drop this rubbish conflict.

Bradley of Dullahan.

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