Hello people and Sandus

I will tell some things about the voice responds.

Sandus said that we didn’t read their constitution, well how funny, because they didn’t read ours, I can’t be fired, and I won’t be fired.

Then they find all my actions are from my Senators seat, but all the action against Sandus where from my ICA Vice Secretary seat.

So I wonder, why do they want me a democratically chosen representative to be fired? Isn’t that excluding the people who vote for me?

In the past few days i have laughed, Sandus doesn’t believe in the Freedom of Speech in the intermicronational world, well i will tell you that if i want to call the leader of a micronation a nut job no one can stop me. In the world a MP/Senator doesn’t represent a government nor a nation, he represents voters. Secondly we aren’t ignorant, your ignorant to try to impress us with a failed ultimatum. My ICA had never the intention to fight, I mend fighting through propaganda and fair elections you must note I don’t want to through over a nation governments like some and most communists do. I’m a Senator and i will say what ever I want. I dislike Sandus and his hole government, from their totalitarian government who can fire a representative from the legislature. Wyvern is not only a free country but also a fair country, we don’t want wars.. Then about civil rights.. a MP or Senator is still a civilian, he is not a government official nor does he influence the government on major scale. And also i am a member of the Government, I’m the Minister of Defense, and I don’t speak out of that position.

So to Sandus and their ridiculous ultimatum and response, I will keep acting the same way and I won’t stop, if your offended keep it to yourself because Wyvern will not aid you because they find they have nothing to do with what I say, And I hope you keep to your ultimatum and its threats beacause im so scared of them. Ill be there when your kicked out of the OAM.

Ooh i almost forgot; ultimatum to you SIR; fire yourself!

Bradley of Dullahan

ICA - Vice Leader.

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