The armistice terms of the Triune Powers were a set of negotiation terms with members of the Allied Carolinian Coalition and their allies. When the coalition collapsed it left the Carolinian rebels fighting alone, New Europe made a second armistice proposal and effectively dropping this one.


The preliminary terms for peace negotiations with Coalition forces and Carolinian aligned are as follows.

  1. Cessation of operations by land 3 hours after the signature of the armistice
  2. Immediate demobilization of all foreign military forces and withdrawal from occupied lands.
  3. All forces at war with the legitimate Austenasian Government, and members and supporters of the Allied Carolinian Coalition, will give their total and unconditional surrender to the legitimate Austenasian Government and the members of the Triune Alliance.
  4. The Carolinian rebels will disarm, disband all foreign mercenary forces, and unconditionally surrender to the (Esmondian) Austenasian government
  5. The foreign governments that entered the war in support of the rebellion for more than 48 hours will be subject to an investigation as to their motives for entering by the G.U.M. & O.A.M.
  6. The foreign governments that entered the war in support of the rebellion will admit defeat and responsibility for unneccessarily increasing the scale of the conflict.

See alsoEdit

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