The act of foundation was the document of foundation of Pasargada.



People of Pasárgada, Micronacionalistas of all part:

As expression of the historical moments that we are living, we, the Pasárgado People, want for these words to make to know that a new chapter of Micronacional History is initiated. Today, We, as independent and sovereign Society, he exempts, we decide to sancionar this Act, only desiring the good of all and knowing that the future will not be cômodo or easy:

Article 1Edit

The Free Community of Pasárgada is established, sovereign and independent state of any another micronation.

Paragraph FirstEdit

To the inhabitant of Pasárgada, the name of Pasárgado will be given, if of the masculine sex, and Pasárgada, if of the feminine sex.

Paragraph SecondEdit

Sovereign territory of Pasárgada is declared that understanding for the Islands of Vanuatu, in the Pacific Ocean.

Paragraph ThirdEdit

Pasárgada is a lay state.

Paragraph RoomEdit

Pasárgada is divided in seven democratic cantons, in the form that will foresee the Constitution and the Law.

Article 2Edit

The Constitution of Pasárgada will be argued and approved for all the Pasárgado People in assembly. The works will be initiated in the following day to the sancionamento of this Act.

Article 3Edit

Primeiro-Ministro is the head of the government and exerts, next to the Parliament, the civil administration and the internal politics of the pasárgado state, who fully will be regulated by the Constitution and the Laws of the Community.

Only paragraphEdit

Elect for the absolute majority of the Community, Jose Borrás Luiz is Primeiro-Ministro, with mandate to be defined by the Constitution.

Article 4Edit

They are objective basic of the Free Community of Pasárgada:

I - to establish Justice, the Freedom and Social Bem-Estar of that they integrate it;

II - to inside guarantee the democratic convivência of the Constitution, that will be argued by all People, and of the Laws in agreement a social order joust, serious and compromised;

III - to consolidate a Rule of law that assures the Community and the Law as an expression of the will and necessity of its People;

IV - to protect to all the People in its human right of action, cultures, traditions and religions.

V - to promote the progress of the culture and economy;

VI - to establish an advanced, serious and democratic society;

VII - to collaborate in the fortalecimento of the pacific and healthful relations between all existing micronations.

Article 5Edit

Disposals in the opposite are revoked.


Pasárgada, 08 of April 2001

Jose Luiz Borrás, Rafael Figueira, Leonardo Carrion, Bruno Digging, Luciana Andrade, Sergio Schüler, Vitor de Bourg, Igor Ravasco

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